My Great Education, Student. 19-Years Old. Bread-and-Butter Work: Prostitute
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My Great Education

Student. 19-Years Old. Bread-and-Butter Work: Prostitute

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My name is Laura, I am 19 years old. I’m a student and I prostitute myself to
pay for my studies. I’m not alone in this. It seems that many other students
are doing the same thing. It all followed a strange logic, without me really
realizing that I was falling. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth.
I’ve never known luxury or ease, but until this year, I’ve never lacked for
anything. My thirst for learning and my convictions always made me think that
my student years would be the most beautiful, the most carefree. I never
thought that my first year at university would turn into a real nightmare. An
unprecedented account of a contemporary phenomenon that has only become more
pronounced with the prevalence of the Internet and cell phones. The Afterword
includes a sociological perspective by Eva Clouet, author of the first survey
on student prostitution in the age of new communication technologies,
published at the same time by Max Milo.
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