Drawing on the Edge - Volume 1
Europe Comics
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Drawing on the Edge

Drawing on the Edge - Volume 1

Europe Comics

Drawing on the Edge

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"Drawing on the Edge" is the story of Turkish comics author Ersin Karabulut
and his journey from the underprivileged outskirts of Istanbul to the top of
the satirical press and editorial world, against a backdrop of political
agitation and upheaval. As his country slips from democracy toward
authoritarianism, the author finds himself on the front lines, despite his
father's warnings and his own misgivings. Told through the unsparing but
lighthearted observations of an artist and average citizen, this is the
portrait of a country pulled apart by discord and military coups. A country
where basic liberties, once thought to be a birthright, have been chipped away
and erased. A country where the prime minister's powers are growing by the
day, and where a political cartoonist can end up on trial, or even behind
bars. A sobering, insightful, and captivating look into what it means—and what
it costs—to pursue one's dream in the face of repression.
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